Multi-Comm, Inc.




Our mission is to be the leader of choice for cable television and low voltage related services by providing top-quality trained employees and to insure customer satisfaction; To be on the cutting edge of information technology, thereby exceeding our internal and external customers' expectations; To treat our customers and co-workers in a kind and friendly manner; To be a positive influence in the community.



Multi-Comm, Inc launched in 2013 lead by a management team that has been an asset to the telecommunications industry for over thirty-three years. The organization has been a key contracting source in over 50 systems nationwide, and continues to provide quality services to a vast network of cable, wireless, telecommunications and broadband industries today.

San Diego, Orange County, and Inland Empire/Desert Cities are our contracted Time Warner Cable Spectrum affiliated systems, while National City, San Diego is our Cox Communications affiliated system. However, all four systems are heavily utilized for other projects as well. These projects include (but are not limited to) endeavors such as; fiber optics, computer networking (both commercial and residential), custom wiring solutions, commercial satellite, wireless networks, Hospitality Networks, Wi-Fi systems, CCTV, and telephone.

The systems are overseen by Multi-Comm’s President, Rich Loughridge, who is recognized in the industry for his extensive experience in some of the most prominent cable providers in the nation. Each day he strives to take Multi-Comm from good to great, giving special focus to supporting his team via proper training in technical skills, safety and customer service. The time he spent serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Computer Technician paired with thirty years of hands on experience in his trade makes him a top notch leader who is active in all aspects of these systems.


Here at Multi-Comm, we understand that our employees are the driving force behind the success of our company. We are committed to providing our team with a positive atmosphere that preserves our family oriented, employee focused, corporate culture. We are always actively seeking new members to add to the Multi-Comm team. For more information about open positions in your area, check out our careers page.


Multi-Comm is green. We are passionate about minimizing our carbon footprint as individuals and as a company. We participate in several recycling programs throughout the year, and donate our retired laptops to the local school district. We are also a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.


The Multi-Comm team is constantly growing and improving. We invest in our employee’s furthered education and certifications in order to provide our customers with the best service, and ensure that our team has the most up to date knowledge and tools to provide quality work.